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Why Opt for a Cloud Playout Solution in 2021?

Lavanya Lanka Published on : 22 July 2021
Muvi Playout Blog


Cloud Playout Solutions are gaining traction in the live streaming industry. Broadcasters, satellite companies, and businesses are competing to win market share with increase in their audience and reach, however, they are constrained by budgets. As a need of the hour, consumers are demanding content flexibility; expect content anywhere, anytime, and across any device. This prompts the broadcasters to re-think and re-align their production, delivery, and infrastructural strategies for their content.


Meeting the Changing Needs of the Industry

According to a report by Dataxis, an Independent Media and Research Firm, about 31% of traditional TV sets will be ‘Connected’ and 23% will support UHD by 2023. Such significant changes undergoing in the broadcast and media industry, emphasises on how broadcasters and their business environments are rapidly experiencing more challenges in their journey. There is a great need for faster channel launches and flexible content management, besides dealing with a massive increase in video resolution requirements while constantly justifying the essential need for reducing infrastructure and production costs.

Cloud-based video solutions for services like ‘Cloud-based Video Playout Solutions’ are promising to achieve feats over issues of flexibility and scalability. This is one of the major factors behind the exponential adoption of cloud playout solutions, that enables media companies to launch their ‘pop-up channels’ at a much faster pace than before.

Let’s delve more into What, How and Why a Cloud Playout solution can be beneficial for your company.


What is Cloud Playout?

Cloud Playout software enables programming of scheduled playout of content  in VOD platforms, combined with live feeds and streams with greater reliability and scalability. In comparison to traditional linear channels, it offers a robust end-to-end solution for scheduled programming channels. It also helps in improving audience engagement and opens up other revenue opportunities for the broadcasters.


Cloud Playout Improves overall Management efficiency


Advanced Content Management

The ‘Cloud Playout’ Solution can help broadcasters support multiple content formats for their consumers.

They can upload the bulk content, transcode in real-time, be flexible with the multiple imports, efficiently manage the channel log and quality control, and enhance encoding speed.

These advanced content management features are bundled with the ‘Cloud Playout’, which demands an immediate adaption to the same.


High Compatibility

Traditional playout solutions are not compatible with all types of devices and hence hinders your reach to potential consumers with relevant content.

In the case of ‘Cloud Playout Solution’, it enables end user with greater compatibility with the devices and formats and can deliver the content when the consumers need it.

The content thus becomes device independent and reduces technical issues than traditional playout methods, which needs an adaptation for a better reach.



When a signal is encoded or decoded for streaming, a few frames of delay depending on the encoding type and codec parameters causes latency.

The monitoring and control should be designed to minimize latency and meet the channel’s operational requirement thus increasing the need for a greater degree of adjustment in controlling the cloud-based playout with its latency compared to the traditional playout options.



Traditional playout typically has a degree of redundancy, so if any component fails, the channel will not have to go ‘Off-Air’.

Redundancy is essential to allow the system to be upgraded while it’s still ‘On-Air’. If ‘Cloud Playout’ acts as a backup for a channel located elsewhere, then it may not need to be inherently redundant itself.

Upgrading to a ‘Cloud Playout Solution’ takes advantage of the inherent benefits of a cloud infrastructure.


A few other factors that increases the likability of Cloud Playout Solutions are:


The Surge of OTT

An integrated playout solution can accelerate new channels or services with more specialized content compared to traditional systems.

With a flexible software-based architecture, broadcasters pay for only what they need and affordably enhance the features as the business evolves and their budget permits.

This is why there is a need for adapting to a ‘Cloud Playout’ solution for broadcasters and businesses, who are in the streaming industry today.


Effective Programme Management for VOD

Today’s ‘Cloud Playout’ offers end-to-end workflow tools that are highly efficient in managing the programs.

The audio or video-on-demand programs can be scheduled without any extra effort. It helps in delivering high-quality broadcast content to the diversified linear video and audio channels.

One more reason behind the need to adopt the Cloud Playout Solution is to switch the effective program management for VOD.



‘Cloud Playout’ solution ensures improved safety, using a secured data center to host the cloud infrastructure associated with numerous other benefits.  

The data centers are built on availability, disaster recovery, and security. It means that the broadcasters have power, and connectivity to the site is guaranteed. There is no single point of failure within this chain.

The cloud as a playout environment provides broadcasters with a high level of versatility and functionality.

It supports quick, accurate, and effective delivery of changes and rapidly adopts new approaches that meet the market’s changing needs. It is the top reason behind the need for the adaption of the ‘Cloud Playout Solution.’


Efficient Scheduling

Scheduling is another important aspect that every broadcaster was looking for in the management of content.

‘Cloud Playout’ enables the broadcasters to schedule live and video-on-demand (VOD) content on the same channel without boundaries.

The advertising insertions are another milestone that broadcasters can open up for the revenue stream.

The playout supports single and recurring event scheduling, embedding on websites & apps, and Auto-generates EPD. It also supports the linear feeds to play across any player, and is device independent, making it a superior choice for overall adaptation.


Way to operational efficiency

Moving to a ‘Cloud Playout’, enhances the broadcaster’s  ability to optimize the workflows and processes within the organization.

It helps in eliminating unusual workflows and accepts standardized practices as supported by the chosen vendor solution.

As a result, there will be a significant rise in the overall operational efficiency, which is a need for adapting to a ‘Cloud Playout’ solution.


Quick pointers on Muvi Playout


Above are a few reasons that explain the need for adapting to a ‘Cloud Playout Solution.’ While adopting the playout, it is also essential to choose the best playout for your needs. ‘Muvi Playout’ thus helps you create multiple channels from your existing on-demand content and helps you stream across platforms, helping you to reach out  instantly to your targeted audience.. It makes the launch of Live TV & Audio channels more convenient and flexible. All you need to do is to subscribe with Muvi Playout’s 14-day Free Trial and experience the difference.


Written by: Lavanya Lanka

Lavanya is Senior Content Writer for Muvi’s Marketing Unit. She bagged 8+ years of experience in writing for different industries in her career. She was now exploring her interest in the streaming industry with Muvi. In her free time, she likes to travel places and try out recipes at home.

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