Electronic Program Guide

Elevate program scheduling and sharing effortlessly


EPG Preview on TV App

Flexible distribution

Program a channel once and distribute to as many destinations using the multi-format support. Export the channel schedule using the most common EPG formats supported across the broadcasting and IPTV service providers allowing them to display channel schedules

Real-time updateable URLs

Say goodbye to manual updates. Muvi Playout's EPG feature lets users generate real-time URLs that can be seamlessly shared with TV platforms, IPTV networks, and applications. This eliminates the need for constant manual updates, saving time and ensuring accurate program information.

Seamless sharing with IPTV providers

Downloading EPG files in XMLTV format is simple with Muvi Playout. Effortlessly share with IPTV providers, ensuring a smooth handoff of accurate program schedules and offer a seamless viewing experience for your audience.


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Excel/CSV export

Muvi Playout allows you to export your schedules as Excel/CSV files, ready for display on the web or integration with third-party TV guide websites. Your schedules become accessible and engaging across platforms.

Metadata enrichment

Add information such as program name, description, start time, end time, and so on to the EPG to offer viewers with detailed information about the channel schedule. Ensure your viewers are well-informed with reliable program schedules, providing them with the right content at the right time.

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