Product Updates

Leverage Muvi One’s Content Ratings & Reviews Feature To Boost Audience Experience 12 September 2023

Audience experience and engagement plays a crucial role in your streaming platform’s success. And content ratings and reviews are one of the most significant features that help you optimize them both.  The good news is, now it’s easier than ever … Continue reading

Analyse Content Performance To Drive Growth, with Muvi Player SDK’s Engagement Analytics 08 September 2023

Businesses use player SDKs to place video content on their websites. These videos are often meant to increase user engagement. And that is why, tracking the performance of these videos becomes all the more important.  Using Muvi Player SDK’s engagement … Continue reading

Elevate Your Streams with Player Settings: Branding, Watermarks, and More 06 September 2023

In this ever-evolving world of FAST TV channels, Muvi Playout offers tools that elevate your streams so that content creators and broadcasters are able to customize their channels as per their choice and thereby offer a customized experience for their … Continue reading

Introducing User Management: Elevating Control Over Your OTT Platform 05 September 2023

  In the ever-evolving world of OTT platforms, staying ahead of the curve means adapting to the changing needs of your audience while maintaining a seamless user experience. At Muvi, we understand the importance of flexibility and control, and that’s … Continue reading

Assign Playlists To End Users Easily With Muvi One’s Private Playlist 04 September 2023

In the realm of streaming businesses, catering to individual preferences has become a cornerstone of success. Recognizing the paramount importance of providing tailored content experiences, Muvi One introduces an innovative feature: the Private Playlist.  This simple yet powerful feature offers … Continue reading

Secure Access To Your Live Meetings With Customized Meeting Passwords 29 August 2023

In today’s digital workspace, online meetings are quite frequent. The meeting holders often discuss sensitive information and share essential business data during these meetings. That is why, they often want to keep them exclusive, so that only specific individuals can … Continue reading

Empowering Web Video Playback: The Muvi Player Web SDK Advantage 29 August 2023

Streaming your content on the web seamlessly is an important aspect of every business. With the rise in internet accessibility and enhanced video playback devices, it becomes necessary to have the right video player deployed onto your website that enhances … Continue reading

Scale Your Revenues With Our Comprehensive Monetization Solutions! 24 August 2023

Many businesses place videos on their websites, as they help grab the attention of their consumers. But apart from grabbing attention, these videos can also help businesses earn hefty revenues. They can insert ads into the videos to earn revenues … Continue reading

Deliver Seamless Video Playback With Muvi Player’s TV SDKs 17 August 2023

The demand for video streaming services has skyrocketed over the past decade, making seamless video playback an essential component for streaming businesses aiming to thrive in this competitive industry.  As audiences continue to shift towards online video consumption, companies must … Continue reading

Enable Your Users To Pay Through UPI, Via Razorpay! 04 August 2023

Multiple Payment Gateway has now become a norm for video streaming platforms. Especially if your business is catering to multiple countries worldwide, multiple payment gateways will enable your customers to pay through their preferred payment modes more easily. For Indian … Continue reading