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Custom Development

Using video player such as JWPlayer, Vimeo or video platforms such as Brightcove, Kaltura

Developement cost


You get just the video player or server, but have to built rest of the website/mobile/TV app and all functionalies yourself


No coding required. You get the complete OTT/VOD platform

Maintenance cost


Software maintenance is hugely expensive, tupically 10 times the initial development cost. Every small change requires additional time and money


Muvi has a team of engineers dedicated to product development. Every new feature released become available to you for free

IT Infrastructure cost


You will need to invite in expensive hosting for your application, and in It resources to support the infrastructure


Muvi Studio comes with built-in with cloud hosting for your videos and applications. Muvi Studio is fully manged, i.e., we maintent your IT infrastructure

Time to market


Takes serval months/years to build, test and release the product


Take only acouple days to launch

Full-fledged website and mobile app


Needs custom development


Takes only a couple days to launch

Custom apps


You will need to develop the entire application yourself. They only provide the video server/player.


Get a completely customized app using our API. Muvi Studio provides modules for all key functionalities that are easy to customize.

TCO (total cost of ownership)


Development and maintenance cost. Plus hosting for your applications


Zero CapEx and initial investment. Low monthly fee

Summary Video players only offer the player, video platforms (OVPs) only provide the video server and delivery. You have to build and host rest of the functionalities (user login, search, content pages, payment integration, mobile/TV apps etc…) yourself Muvi Studio is the only product that provides the end-to-end solution for launching your VOD/OTT platform including white-labeled web and mobile apps, hosting and video delivery. Use everything as it is and get And everything is fully managed, i.e., no need to spend a dime extra a custom apps using our API. on IT support and maintenance