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Coupons & Promotions

Offer Discount Coupons and Run Promotional offers

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Who doesn't like to receive a discount or a coupon? It’s known factor that a customer on the edge will most probably convert if they receive a coupon or promotion code, and with Muvi’s built-in Coupon Code engine, it is easy for you to generate promotional coupons to attract more traffic on your platform!

Be it discounts, festive and seasonal offers or plain old marketing promotions, you can do it all with Muvi’s Coupon Code engine.

You can generate unlimited coupons and offer it to your users or on 3rd party coupon sites like Groupon. Provide a flat discount or add bundle purchases to the coupon. Generate one-time use unique coupons or multi-use generic coupons, and with Muvi it’s easy to track and measure the conversion rate of discount sets. You can also choose to generate bulk coupons Instantly!

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  • In-Built Coupon Engine
  • Offer Discounts
  • Generate Unique Coupon Code
  • Generate Bulk Coupons
  • Measure Coupon Conversion
  • Manage Coupons
  • Restrict Coupon Usage
  • Coupon-specific Content

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Easy to use

We try to make everything as simple as possible for our platform owners. Muvi’s Built-in Coupon Code Engine comes with an easy-to-use Interface with no complex coding or programming. You can either generate one or bulk coupons at a single go and easily export for your marketing campaigns.


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Reward Customers

Provide your viewers with something extra. Design promotional & discount offers that keep your viewers glued to your platform striving for more. You can offer both cash as well as % discount for purchases done on your platform.

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Discount Sets

With Muvi, design a discount set that can be used multiple times by giving each discount set a custom prefix. You can also generate unique one time usable coupons or select generic reusable coupon codes. We provide you a complete free-hand to export the discount sets for the best marketing results.

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Time & Availability

Looking forward to run limited period offers? With Muvi, you can easily setup a Limited Time Coupons and run a campaign for certain duration, discontinuing them anytime!

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No Extra Charge

Create and design as many promotional discount coupons you like without incurring any extra cost. Muvi Coupon Code engine is a built-in system and we do not charge or share revenue with any of our customers.

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Manage Coupons

List and sort an unlimited list of coupons across all categories for all users. Generate coupon codes, configure validity, and set expiry dates all from the Muvi plaform.

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Restrict Coupon Usage

As the platform owner you can restrict the usage of coupons based on preconfigured coupon attributes. Regulate whether a coupon can be used for one-time usage or at multiple times. You can also restrict usage per user or per account. You can set a cap on the number of times or the amount a particular class of users can redeem on their account.

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Coupon-specific Content

While configuring coupons you can decide which content should be made available for coupon purchases. For example, it would be a good idea to make coupons applicable to generic, non-premium titles; and you may choose to exclude premium and latest content from coupon application.

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