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Besides custom cast and crew, Muvi also supports custom user profiles. As a platform owner, you can create custom forms with your preferred fields to create a list of unique user bio. With this feature, you can define the user data that you want to collect and store. You can add text fields, test areas, radio buttons, dropdowns, and multi-select lists, etc. to collect desired user information such as phone numbers, addresses, hobbies, preferences, social media presence, etc. and create a set of distinct user personas.

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  • Custom Registration Form
  • Allow Field Edits
  • Analytics and Insights

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Custom Registration Form


You can customize the user registration form that you use while on-boarding or may be, create entirely new custom forms. On the form, you can select from available pre-defined fields or define Custom Fields. Using these forms, you can obtain desired user data once these forms are filled in during signing up.


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Allow Field Edits


You can edit the custom fields in the user profile. You can also define the mandatory fields and optional fields on the form. You can also have a different form for different subscription plans; for example, phone number, PIN code, family size or income, etc. can be made mandatory for standard package subscribers and no personal information may be asked from premium subscribers.

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Analytics and Insights

With Custom User Profiles you can collect any end-user information that you require. This information will help you build a user database rich with intricate consumer details. You can gather data from varied demographic parameters such as social status, income, family size, address (rural-urban), their telecom carrier, etc. Such details will serve as a solid sample size to conduct your primary research on user data, analyze it, draw inferences, and gain deeper insights into your buyer profile.

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