Device Management

Restrict user devices & login!

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Be in control of your platform, and track who accesses your platform and via how many devices.

Device Management feature allows you to specify key parameters relating to platform access via mobile & TV devices. You can set up device subscriptions, login, and login duration using this feature.

Secure platform access and evade malicious login attempts.

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  • Manage Devices
  • Auto-delete Devices
  • Restrict Simultaneous Logins
  • Prevent Misuse

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Device Management

You can place a limit on the number of devices that can be used by a single user to access the platform. You can restrict the number of mobile or TV devices on which your users can login. Muvi platform will recognize and authenticate only as many devices as you specify.


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Auto-Delete Devices

You can regulate usage among your consumers’ friends and family using this feature. You can set “device delete duration” at a certain minute(s). This setting can be applied to the secondary devices registered with one user. After the specified duration post login, the device will be automatically deleted from the list.

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Restrict Simultaneous Logins

You can restrict the number of devices that can stream simultaneously and access your platform. You can place a cap on the number of devices that can login and stream using the same credentials at the same time.

Video Monetization

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Prevent Login Misuse

Prevent unauthorized consumption of your content using this feature and enhance your platform’s security standards. Maintain the integrity of your content and make the OTT experience more secure for your user.

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