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Let users download content from your platform.

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Offer your users a choice to “Download” content and other digital assets without any restrictions, and own them for life. You can either offer video and audio files in raw formats such as .mp4, .avi or .mp3 or digital assets such as PDFs, documents, MSExcel files or even PPT files.

Going forward, you can also interlink your video or audio content with another digital file (.pdf, .ppt, etc.) and offer a “Purchase” option, which you can download on your device.


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  • Download any file format
  • Supports all monetization models
  • Interlink content
  • Geo-blockspecific content
  • Geo-block entire website/app

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Supports multiple formats

You can offer downloadable content in virtually any digital format, be it video or audio formats such as MP3, MP4, WMA, AVI etc; or be it text files, images, and document formats such as PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS, JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc. This allows you to distribute and monetize a wide variety of file formats to your target audience.


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Unlimited Possibilities

Muvi’s "Download Content" option has opened doors to unlimited possibilities on how you can monetize your digital assets. You can merge and offer combinations of video & PDF and/or video & PPT to run an eLearning Site. You can offer images in .jpeg, .gif, .png formats and run an image/stock photography website. You may simply offer directly downloadable video or audio files and run self-help and motivational platform; the possibilities are endless when you have the combined value of Muvi’s Video, Audio, Physical asset to your users across Web, Mobile and TV ecosystems!

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Monetization Models

You can offer and monetize your digital assets on multiple monetization options such as Subscriptions, Transactional, and Ad-Supported. You can also monetize your assets via Coupons and Vouchers, thus enhancing the reach and capabilities of your platform.

Video Monetization

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Interlink Content

Interlink your content and assets to offer downloadable collaterals that are related. You can link PDF or PPT with Video and offer it bundled to your users. This allows you to offer, interlink and sell your assets as well as content in a much better format as well as opens the doors to launching unique and multiple business models using same content formats and platform.

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Download Content follows the basic rules of Geo-Blocking that we have on the platform. This means you get the power to block your entire website or app in certain countries or else only block specific assets individually from being offered in certain geographies.


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