Content Ordering

Arrange and Organize your Digital Assets

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In a large library of digital assets, it gets difficult to search and retrieve content as and when your consumers wish to. It is therefore important to maintain an ordered listing of all Video and Audio contents on your OTT platform. On the Muvi platform, you can build, offer, and maintain a hygienic content library.

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  • Organize Library
  • Manual Ordering
  • Automatic Ordering

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Organize Library


Arrange all video and audio uploads in an organized pattern in your content library. Perform sorting and listing of content based on alphabetic, chronology or any other parameter and offer a library that’s more indexable and searchable.

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Manual Ordering


Muvi lets your account admin manually create an ordered list of digital content. They can categorize content based on their preference, referring to the content description, and create an unsullied library for the end user.

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Automatic Ordering

You can also automate the content ordering process on the Muvi platform. The CMS has the ability to call values from metadata such as genre, format, category, cast & crew, etc. and generate a serially arranged list of audio and video content.

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