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Create and Manage Featured Sections Effectively

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It’s good to have a large content library that can overwhelm your end users. But it’s also important to create and manage featured sections for your users to refer to. Creating “Featured Sections” is a good means to classify content based on multiple parameters beyond genre, format, etc.

Muvi allows you to create and manage “Featured Sections” effectively.

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  • Manual Featured Sections
  • Automated featured Sections
  • Unlimited Sections

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Manually Create Featured Sections


Create featured sections on your library, manually. You can create sections based on genre, country, language, originals, artists, etc.

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Automate Featured Sections


Platform owners can also use metadata and AI to automatically generate featured sections. Such featured sections could be 'My Library', 'My Favorites', ‘Populars’, ‘Trending Now’, ‘Originals’, ‘Continue Watching”, etc.

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Create Unlimited Sections


Muvi allows you to create an unlimited number of featured sections and also add an unlimited number of titles to each section, and offer as many categories of content as you intend to, on your streaming service. This way you can consolidate your library and make it easier for your users to pick and choose a title.

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