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Muvi allows in-app purchases on Apple, Roku and Fire TV devices. So, all your Apple, Roku, and Fire TV users can make content related purchases on your streaming app, natively. This makes all transactions easier and quicker on your online streaming service. Since users can make purchases instantly with pre-configured payment credentials, it encourages end users to buy content more frequently.  

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  • Native Purchases
  • Subscription & PPV

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Make Native Purchases


Users can purchase online content directly from the Apple, Roku, and Fire TV mobile application using pre-configured payment details. Enabling native purchases makes it easier for users to initiate and complete payments.

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Support Subscription & PPV


Users have the option to purchase both subscription-based content as well as transactional and Pay-Per-View (PPV) content by enabling Apple, Roku, and Fire TV in-app purchases. Native app purchases allow your users to pay for content offered in any plan in the most convenient way possible.

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Manage from App


Besides enabling native purchases, users can also access their purchase history and manage active subscriptions and payouts from their apps.

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