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In the business of entertainment, it’s not just the content that the consumers are interested in, but they are also interested in the makers of it. They might not ask “Who build Netflix?”, but they’ll more probably ask “Who made Narcos?”. In fact, in some cases, the content cast and crew are the ones who drive viewership. Consumers would be more interested in the singer than the lyrics or the composition. It is important to note that there are a lot of people associated with each content on your platform. Muvi brings a way to manage all these people by letting you create a consolidated people library that your users can refer to.

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  • Manage People
  • Create Artist page
  • Add Custom Metadata

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Manage People


Manage all the cast and crew associated with each content at one place. Create a library of human resources relevant to the content on your streaming platform and make it more informative and involving for your users.

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Create Artist Page


Create bio pages for key artists associated with a content. Include their credentials in the form of filmography or discography and publish it for your users to consume.

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Custom Metadata


Add custom metadata for artists wherever applicable and offer trivial information on their bio page. This will drive consumer interest and enhance the overall user experience.

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