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Stream Live or On-demand training seamlessly onto your existing website or app, or launch a complete online health & fitness training studio with Muvi.


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Live Streaming | Video Player for Website & Apps | Private & Group Coaching

Designed specifically for trainers, coaches, and wellness firms, Muvi empowers you to expand your digital footprint without boundaries. Engage with clients more effectively by offering pre-recorded exercise videos, scheduling 1-1 consultations, or conducting webinars to reach a broader audience. With multiple subscription options, you can cater to the unique needs of every client, ensuring the growth and success of your fitness business.

Transform Your Training Studio with Muvi's Streaming Solutions

Launch your own Online Fitness Studio

Complete solution with IT Infrastructure, Website, Video CMS, Monetization, and Apps for Mobile & TV

Live Stream your Workout Sessions

Live Stream your sessions globally, directly from your studio camera, or mobile phone. Go live instantly.

Embed and Securely Share Videos

Embed pre-recorded workout videos to your website & apps and share them securely on social media in one click.

1:1 and Group Video Fitness Sessions

Offer Live private or group fitness sessions and monetize them with ease.

Start. Stream. Succeed

Ready to revolutionize your fitness journey? Connect with our experts today and discover innovative ways to inspire and engage your clients.

On-Demand Fitness Portal with Apps & Monetization

  • Immersive Fitness Experience: Elevate the workout experience by bringing live sessions directly to the screens of your followers and fitness enthusiasts, ensuring they feel the energy and motivation of a live class.


  • Fitness Apps: Build apps for Mobile & TV platforms like Android, Apple, Samsung, Roku and many more, without writing a single line of code


  • Turn Your Fitness Passion into Profits: Offer monthly subscriptions, Pay-Per-View (PPV) or display third-party ads, and accept payments in various currencies. With no commissions, you keep all your earnings.
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Live Workout Sessions and Classes

  • Immersive Fitness Experience: Elevate the workout experience by bringing live sessions directly to the screens of clients and fitness enthusiasts, ensuring they feel the energy and motivation of a live class.

  • Accessibility: Seamlessly livestream health seminars, nutrition workshops, and wellness lectures, on any device from any device ensuring that even those who can't be physically present don't miss out on fitness training.

  • Engage Audience with Live Chat: Foster a dynamic and interactive environment during live sessions, allowing clients to ask questions, share feedback, and engage in real-time discussions.
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Host, Manage, Embed & Share

  • Centralized Content Repository: Efficiently store, categorize, and organize a diverse range of content, from high-intensity workout videos to calming yoga sessions and informative health seminars.

  • Secure Sharing and DRM Security: With built-in DRM security, your content is safe from piracy, with private playlists sharing your fitness content with selective clients and embedding in your website or a third-party website.
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Launch Your Fitness Channel

  • 24/7 Linear TV: Pre-program your on-demand and live fitness programs , ensuring clients have fitness content available anytime they tune in.

  • HLS Output for Wide Compatibility: Deliver high-quality linear feed in HLS format, ensuring compatibility across devices and platforms.

  • Effortless Scheduling: Use the drag and drop feature to easily schedule content, eliminating manual time entries.
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Boost Your Health & Fitness Services with Muvi

Muvi is not merely a streaming platform; it's a driving force in revolutionizing how fitness and wellness experiences are delivered in the digital age.

To discover the full potential of Muvi's Fitness & Lifestyle Solution, connect with us.

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Key Features

That help you deliver the best fitness experience to your users.

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Muvi provides various monetization models, monthly subscriptions, Pay-Per-View (PPV), Coupons & promotions, and video advertising.

DRM & Security

DRM & Security

Muvi ensures the security of content with built-in DRM, protecting it from piracy. This allows you to share your work with selected clients securely.

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Analytics & Reporting

Gain insights into who your users are and what content they enjoy. Track your earnings with revenue analytics. Take a data-backed decision.

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Built-in CDN

Muvi's built-in CDN optimizes video delivery, reducing buffering and load times, and ensuring a seamless streaming experience for users across various locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Muvi One's core features include built-in CDN for content delivery, DRM for content protection, multiple monetization models, online video player, and automatic encoding and transcoding. Muvi One offers 1000+ enterprise-grade features designed to deliver seamless streaming experience.

With Muvi, you can launch your Health & Fitness platform almost instantly. However, it depends on the number of content you have. Also, you can launch your streaming apps within 24 hours.

All you need to do is purchase Muvi One + Video streaming App (Android/iPhone/TV App) subscription. Fill in a small form available on your Muvi One CMS. Muvi team takes around two days to a week for building your App. The app will be released to you for testing and confirmation. Once confirmed your app will be sent for approval which takes about 2 weeks to review the app.

Yes. Muvi One supports any type of customizations that you require. You can request for customization and our team will give you a detailed quote for the same and then integrate it upon your approval.

Absolutely! With Muvi One, your health & fitness streaming website and the apps have the same monetization models that you set up once in Muvi One CMS. Muvi One offers all three types of Monetization Models i.e. Subscription, Pay-per-view, and Ads you can select any combination of them based on your requirement.

Muvi One health & fitness streaming platform offer all the major security features. Muvi One is an ISO 27001:2013 compliant platform that offers - Built-in DRM security, Forensic Watermarking, Screen Capture control, PCI-DSS, etc.