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Muvi Flex is the perfect CMS partner for your e-commerce website to engage your customers with valuable product demo and tutorial videos and create immersive shopping experiences. Muvi Flex lets you store, manage and publish product demos and tutorial videos on your e-commerce website without technical knowledge.



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As the e-commerce industry is growing at a fast pace, every e-commerce business is keeping up with the latest trends in the industry to stay ahead of the competition. 


With Muvi Flex, you can publish your own branded videos on websites and social media platforms to enhance your social presence, optimize your streaming platform with APIs and SDKs, and get insights on your customer’s behavior to curate video strategically for enhancing customer engagement.

Boost Sales Using Videos

Muvi Flex offers the most advanced CMS for e-commerce that lets you store, manage and publish your product videos, enabling you to build trust and a sense of reliability among your customers. Access all your content anytime, get their embed code jiffy and add to your website to publish them. Spend less time managing the website and more on converting sales.

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Increase Branding with Online Video Player

Muvi Flex comes with a powerful HTML5-based online video player, which can be  customized based on your choice to provide the best streaming experience to your customers. You can add your own logo to the player in order to increase your own branding. As the online player is compatible across devices and browsers, your customers can view your product videos with seamless experience.

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Integrate with Social Media

Meet and sell products to customers where they spend their most time. With seamless integration with almost all major social media platforms such as YouTube, you can extend your outreach and convert more sales. Thanks to Muvi Flex, you can publish your product videos to social media platforms directly from the CMS.

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Player SDK

Player SDK lets you add Muvi’s powerful, feature-rich player to your existing Android and iOS apps. It comes with built-in features such as DRM, Subtitle Support, Adaptive Streaming and more, enabling seamless content streaming via your apps while you host, publish and manage content on Muvi Flex.

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Optimize Quality for Viewing Experience

Muvi Flex’s encoding and transcoding not only enable you to reduce your time-to-market but also enhance the viewing experience for your customers. Once the demo and tutorial videos are uploaded in the CMS, Muvi Flex automatically encodes the product videos and converts them into digital format with multiple resolutions from 144p up to 4k. After being transcoded, your customers can view your content with the best resolution based on their network bandwidth and device used.

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Enhance Streaming Platforms with APIs and SDKs

With Muvi Flex’ APIs and SDKs, optimize your streaming platform and deliver enhanced video experience to your customers. You can find API codes from comprehensive API documentation effortlessly, which includes adding categories to create content and so on. The tools like mobile SDK, lets you integrate with your iOS and Android apps.

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Detailed Analytics and Reports

Get valuable insights into the performance of your video content, to get to know your customer better. With Muvi Flex’s analytics and reports, you can analyze the content performance and user behavior such as attention span, drop-off rates, devices used for streaming, and their viewing habits. You can also generate custom reports based on your needs.

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You can request a free live demo of Muvi Products with our platform experts. Our platform experts will understand your use case and provide a detailed walkthrough of our product.

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Thanks to Muvi, we achieved our goals with ease. Their platform provided clear user feedback and usage data, helping us gain 15,000 web registrations, 10,000 Android users, and 5,000 iOS users. The robust analytics in Muvi’s content management system empowered us to make informed decisions, driving streaming for audio and video. We are highly satisfied with Muvi’s services.

Kashif Khan
Kashif Khan

Chief Executive Officer, EnterInfi


We wanted a platform that is reliable. We made the research and found Muvi, we felt Muvi was the best solution that met our requirements. The fact is that it is DRM Enabled, it protects content from getting downloaded, screen scraped or even screen sharing is not allowed.

Danji Thotapalli
Danji Thotapalli

Festival Director, Indic Film Utsav

Frequently Asked Questions

A CMS (Content Management System) is used for e-commerce to simplify the management and organization of online store content. It allows users to easily create, edit, and publish product listings, images, descriptions, and other website elements. With a CMS, businesses can efficiently update and maintain their e-commerce site without extensive technical knowledge.

An e-commerce CMS, such as Muvi Flex, works by providing a user-friendly interface for managing all aspects of an online store. It allows businesses to create and organize product catalogs, manage inventory, process orders, handle payments, and customize the website's design and layout. The CMS streamlines these processes, enabling seamless management and efficient operation of the e-commerce platform.

Muvi Flex is considered one of the best e-commerce CMS platforms due to its extensive feature set, user-friendly interface, scalability, and reliability. It provides all the necessary tools to launch and manage an online store effectively, offering flexibility in design, seamless integration with third-party services, comprehensive analytics, and excellent customer support, making it a top choice for ecommerce businesses.

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