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1st Africa, now Indonesia to regulate OTT 03 March 2016

As Over the top industry grows, nations are bringing up regulations. After South Africa’s recent fiasco, it is now Indonesia’s turn. A new regulation is being made which will demand that foreign OTT providers will have to make an additional investment to run on the country’s local network. They can register as sole ownership or as a JV with local partners, which would make it easier in dealing with legal issues.

Information and Technology Minister Rudiantara said,”The government doesn’t want Indonesia to left behind in technology and investment, but at the same time we want to protect Indonesian consumers. Remember, Indonesia is not the only one asking for this. It also applied in Europe,”. Considering that digital advertising space raked in $800 million last year, imposing investments on OTT players is a fair deal according to him.

Source: The Jakarta Post

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