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4K Is A Big Hit With The Streamers, Broadcasters Helpless 13 October 2015

Amazon Fire TV 4K Streaming UHD


When it comes to TV sales , 4K is flying like a hawk. Nick Simon from GFK, confirmed that the UK is now leading Europe in sales of 4K screens, with 509,000 UHD TVs sold in the 12 months ending August, compared to 481,000 in Germany and 426,000 in France.

By 2017, the UK UHD market will top three million sets annually. That accounts for around 50 per cent of all UK TV sales. Pretty soon you’ll be buying a 4K TV, whether you want one or not. Sigh!

4K streaming services have, until recently, been the province of TV apps, but that’s changing fast. The new Amazon Fire TV streaming box offers both Netflix and Amazon Prime and other video on demand services in UHD. If you subscribe to both, there’s a surprising wealth of content to watch, both in TV shows (Transparent, Better Call Saul, Bosch, Marco Polo, Daredevil and more) and movies (Elysium, Spider-Man 3, Fury, Ghostbusters 2, MIB 3 to name a few). The device is a genuine game changer. For all the pep talk the broadcast execs gave us on 4K, we can see why they are so helpless looking at Amazon.

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