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5 Million Viewers Excluded From Nielsen Ratings Data 23 November 2015

Nielsen TV Ratings FOX

FOX’s marquee hit ‘Empire’ generated about 25 million strong audience but finds on paper only 20 million and they only have Nielsen to blame for this. Because, Nielsen’s rating system does not account for the remaining 5 million that is ad-friendly and provides a major source for ad revenues.


Let bygones be bygones. This what Nielsen has to say before it announces a new measurement tool that will count a show’s total audience on television and OTT VOD platforms, including smartphones, for more than a month after it airs. Numerous TV networks and advertisers are likely to use it for ratings adjustments.

CBS has been one of the most interested parties when it comes to the new ratings too. According to them, if deployed, the audience for the premiere of crime drama “Limitless” would go up by 22 percent, which translates in to 1 million viewers.

With this new tool, timely ads will also be inserted into shows that are watched on-demand weeks later. As per Nielsen, it will be bale to count TV and online viewing using the same metrics.

Source : Bloomberg


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