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63% of European films were only released in their own country 27 June 2016

European Audiovisual’s report ‘How do films circulate on VOD and in cinemas’ in the European Union, found that films produced in the EU are available on average on Video on Demand platforms in 2.8 countries each, compared with 6.8 countries for US films.


EU co-productions perform better than EU films as a whole, being available on average in 3.6 countries. However, half of EU-produced films are only available in one country.

Some 80% of EU films are available in three countries or fewer, while films do better on average, with 80% being available in 11 countries or fewer.

While older EU-produced films are available in fewer countries than new films, the age of US films has no discernable impact on the number of countries in which they are available, according to the report.

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