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79% of Americans continue with streaming TV post-Covid 27 April 2021

79% of Americans continue with streaming TV post-Covid


USA summer and the first shot of the vaccine being available is not depriving 79% of  Americans to move away from their video streaming TV platforms.  As per a poll conducted with 1200 consumers, two-thirds have stated their streaming watch time to be constant for the next three months. 

The future of streaming TV in the USA will amplify since 53% of online viewers have no intentions to cancel their subscriptions nor allow trial periods to expire within the next three months. “As consumers’ fandom grows for premium programming — series and documentaries — exclusive to SVOD platforms, it becomes more difficult for them to cancel or choose not to renew the services.”

Ryan Eusanio, MD of Digital Activation at Omnicom Media Group stated, ‘’While Covid-19 is an anomaly, the trends that we see coming out of it are not. People shifted their viewing habits, permanently. This is not just because of the circumstances, it might have been in reaction to the circumstances, but these changes were already happening. They were just accelerated over the last year.”

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