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Amazon introduces video streaming assistant – Echo Show 11 May 2017

Amazon Echo

The Echo Show which is a variant of Amazon’s Alexa which is a voice controlled personal assistant, has been unveiled. Unlike other devices that let users stream music and make phone calls through voice commands, the Echo Show provides a built in 7 inch touchscreen for video streaming and viewing photographs. By giving voice commands to Alexa to play a YouTube video or stream movies from Amazon Prime, the content appears on the screen.

Echo Show’s “Dolby-tuned” speakers are super powerful for filling an entire room and are more effective than competitor devices in the Echo range. It also provides users with the ability to call other Echo or Alexa App users. A “Drop In” feature lets family and friends join calls. While the video streaming voice-activated assistant is able to connect to devices like the Philips Hue lighting system, it will also be compatible with “smart cameras from Ring and Arlo” according to ArsTechnica. This will enable users to showcase a live feed from a room in the house and let them add images into the Echo Show’s screen.

Over the past few months, Amazon has been launching new Echo products such as its new Echo Look which is a voice-activated camera for hands-free photography. Additionally, upon uploading photos of themselves in varied outfits on Echo Show’s smartphone companion app, it will suggest users on the best clothes that they should buy or wear. Echo Show is priced at $229.99 (£178) and will be available in the US on June 28. Plans of releasing it in UK are in the pipeline.  Read More

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