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Amazon offering channels to viewers in addition to the streaming package 25 May 2017

Amazon Prime video

Great news for Amazon Prime users. Users can add various channels to video streaming packages including Showtime. If you live in the US (not available in Canada yet) and you have Prime, to avail of the new channel options, users will have to subscribe to the channels meaning an additional payment of $8.99 per month which is cheaper than a complete cable package or purchasing individual channels through a video streaming service like iTunes. Some of these channels Amazon is offering are outside of those offered in a traditional cable plan.

Hulu also offers Showtime and that pricing is comparable. However, you need to have Prime to be able to access the channels that Amazon is offering (Prime is about $100 per year). You can opt for a free trial of the Streaming Partners Program through Amazon right now by creating a trial Prime account. Once the trial is up, a package will have to be purchased to continue the streaming options. iOS, Android, Fire TV, Kindle Fire and Roku are some of the platforms that support these channels. Package options can be changed on a monthly basis so the channels can be switched up as and when desired.  Read More

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