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Apple’s new content streaming system to support both on-demand and live stream

In an interesting development from tech giant Apple, the company has filed a patent for a content streaming system that would support both on-demand and live streaming content. The patent which is named as “Real-Time or Near Real-Time Streaming” has a system that “can use a playlist file, in one embodiment, that includes an indicator of the type of content represented by the playlist file.” Irrespective of the content type, each content to have a certain parameter assigned to them by the patented system.

Client devices in the system are designed to process the playlist flies basing on the assigned parameters thereby making “efficiency optimizations when processing the playlist file.” Though it is still not confirmed if this patent will turn into a real product, the application certainly affirms Apple’s growing interest in the streaming space.

Apple has also patented a wireless charging system that would be able to prioritize the charging of the devices. The system which is equipped to gather information about each device’s usage history, calendar details, and test results, distributes data to each of the devices, online storage and/or the adapter while adjusting the settings for power delivery, charge rates, system setting etc.


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