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Listeners stream one hour of music on an average 02 June 2017

Daily Time Spent Music Streaming

As per a research conducted by global web index, the goal of which was to find out facts for: How much time internet users spend while listening to audio streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music every day, we look at some findings of how this varies across the age groups.

With entertainment activities, it’s the 16-24 age group that forms the biggest user group of music streaming services that streams music for upto 1 hour 40 minutes each day. As the age increases, time spent drops significantly. Age group 55-64 devotes just 23 minutes a day which is a considerable 1 hour 20 minutes less than their younger counterparts. Only 14% of digital consumers surveyed, stated that they pay for music-streaming services. So, it’s safe to say that most users either engage with ad-supported versions of streaming services or share accounts. So, these two factors continue to be the biggest challenge for players in this space who are attempting to lure users to upgrade to premium tiers. Read More

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