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Cable has to go OTT now, says Alan Breznick at Cable Next-Gen Technologies and Strategies 2015 18 March 2015


Alan Breznick, head of the cable-video practice for both Heavy Reading and Light Reading, kicked off a day-long exploration of Cable Next-Gen Technologies and Strategies by contrasting cable’s declining market share in the declining pay-TV market with its remarkable success in the broadband business.

In its traditional video business, cable lost 1.4 million subs in 2014 and slipped to 53% of the US market, with most of the lost subs falling to its telco and VoD service provider rivals. This declining market share is taking place in a market that itself is shrinking as 1.4 million US TV homes cut the cord or never tied it in 2014, according to consultancy MoffettNathanson LLC , which means 3.8 million US households are now out of the market for traditional linear pay-TV.

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