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Comcast aims to have more millennials in it’s audience with its new streaming service 31 July 2017

Xfinity Instant TV, Comcast’s upcoming streaming TV service is aimed at millennials that don’t want to pay for traditional cable packages or that don’t want to use set-top boxes.

A bundle including premium channels, local broadcast channels and DVR functionality are expected to be offered by Xfinity Instant TV.

Dish’s Sling TV, At&T’s DirectTV Now will be the competition for Xfinity Instant TV so as to provide cheaper and easier ways to watch TV that cater to the shifting viewing habits of millennials.

Increasingly, younger generations of viewers prefer streaming video on demand on mobile devices and stand-alone broadband services rather than traditional TV packages. As per a study by Toluna, the average 18-24 year old watched 25 hours of traditional TV per week in 2011 and today they watch almost 14 hours.

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