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Consumers focus more on online than traditional TV ads


Consumers tend to pay more attention to digital (online) ads than to traditional TV advertising, with nearly 75 percent of consumers saying that they tend to multitask more during television ads than during digital ads, according to Deloitte’s Digital Democracy Survey of 2,000 US consumers.

The study found that consumers are willing to endure ads in exchange for discounted services. Some 62 percent said they would be willing to view ads during programming on video streaming servers if it significantly reduced the subscription price.

The survey found a decrease in pay TV subscribers saying they had no plans to change providers or ‘cut the cord’ this year. A quarter of ‘Trailing Millennials’ (14-25 year-olds), have cancelled their pay TV subscription in the last 12 months or have not had pay TV for over a year. Among Leading Millennials (26-31), 16 percent had neither cancelled pay TV in 12 months or had it for over a year.

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