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Content on DirecTV now in sync with consumer preferences 18 October 2017

TiVo released its Q2 2017 Online Video and Pay TV Trends study. According to the study, virtual MVPDs are delivering skinny TV channel bundles and it appears to be the most aligned to the kind of mix that consumers want.

OTT TV providers such as YouTube TV, Hulu, Sling TV and DirecTV Now were analyzed in the study; and according to TiVo, DirecTV Now’s Just Right package offers 85% of the core channel coverage, followed by its “Live a Little” package (66.7%), Sling TV’s Orange/Blue combo package (66.7%), Hulu’s new live TV offering  (63%), PlayStation Vue (59.3%), Sling TV Orange (55.6%), Sling TV Blue (44.4%) and YouTube TV (37%).

All OTT TV providers included in TiVo felt that their skinny bundles matched the preferences of 2/5th of the respondents.

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