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Deloitte Australia Survey Finds Internet Usage Level With TV Viewing 10 August 2015

Deloitte Consumer Survey


The internet is as popular as TV as an entertainment outlet now, according to new consumer research, although offline activities such as reading and listening to music have also grown.

The fourth annual Deloitte Media Consumer Survey suggests the mobile world is rapidly encroaching on homes with ownership of laptop computers, gaming consoles and digital video recorders all down slightly while “wearable” technology such as fitness bands is tracking at the same rate as tablets were in 2012 (owned by 13 per cent of households).

The survey of more than 2000 Australians also says the modern connected household has, on average, about two each of televisions (2.2), laptops (1.9), tablets (1.7) and smartphones (2.3).

The survey, to be released today, shows television viewing remains a favoured leisure pastime for Australians, with 60 per cent saying it is among their top three “preferred sources of entertainment”, although “using the internet for social or personal interests” has joined TV at 60 per cent.

Television viewing remains the top-ranked preference among gen-Xers and baby boomers, second for leading millennials (26-31) and third for trailing millennials (14-25). Across all ages, reading books has risen for the third consecutive year to 33 per cent and “attending live performances” leapt five points to 23 per cent.

The survey was conducted earlier this year before the launch of streaming video on demand service Netflix in Australia but after the launch of competitors Stan and Presto.

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