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Denmark leads the pack in online video-on-demand consumption, OTT services 26 February 2015


According to the Digital Economy and Society Index, Denmark had an overall score of 0.68 (out of 1) and ranked first of the 28 EU member states, with the country boasting the most advanced use of digital public services. Danes were also found to be among “the most intensive users of video streaming platforms and on-line shopping,” with 74% of households with TV accessing broadband-delivered video-on-demand.

Sweden was ranked number two in the digital index with a score of 0.66. Fixed broadband is available to 99% of homes in the country, with high-speed broadband networks available to 71% of homes. Some 57% of Swedes were found to access music, videos and games over the web, 52% made video calls, while 44% of TV households accessed .

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