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Digital video on the rise 29 August 2017

Digital Video will keep growing, outperforming Display Ads

As per Nielsen, younger viewers are contributing to a sharp increase in digital video viewing in the US, for free as well as paid content.

As per the report, teens are increasingly willing to pay for digital content. 63% of them purchased digital video this year, up from 45% in 2016.

DVD and Blu-ray sales haven’t gone down since millennials bought more physical videos this year as compared to last year. According to Nielsen, this could be due to the fact that they could add videos to their video collection and watch when there was no internet access.

Social media didn’t have too much of an influence in terms of people finding out about new content with it accounting for only 29% of the general population. However, amongst teens and millennials, 45% got to know about content via social media.

Social networks also influenced the consumption of short-form video content.

66% of the general population and 72% of teens and millennials viewed short-form video content from social media in the past three months.

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