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For Some Reasons, TV Industry In Ireland Is Dodging The Truth 14 December 2015

Ireland’s Television Audience Measurement (TAM) agency, the body that reports on TV ratings, continues to insist that Ireland watches TV in the same way as it did years ago. All of the video streaming services like Netflix, tablets, smartphones and online TV players have apparently not had any effect on our traditional TV viewing.

It’s not just a matter of media curiosity. Advertisers and media buyers rely on this kind of information. Right now, they’re getting mixed signals.

Currently, TAM’s statistics show a 25pc drop in viewership of ads among 15-34 year olds and housekeepers in the last two years. That is a startling figure. And it indicates some significant change in TV consumption, probably linked to a fall-off in live TV consumption.

TAM’s explanation is an undefined reference to “fragmentation”. But it insists – and this is the key part for advertisers – that there has been absolutely no fall-off in live TV consumption.

Simply put, Irish people are now snacking on video content, including live broadcasts, on tablets, laptops, phones and Xboxes. In many cases, it’s the same programmes as on conventional TV. And it’s not just ‘young people’. We’re all starting to adjust the way we watch telly. Our agencies will soon have to face up to it.

Source : Irish Independent

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