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Ghana not considering a ban on OTT video services 20 May 2016

According to Ghana’s Minister of Communications, Dr Edward Omane Boamah, countering pressures of regulations on OTT from other players, “We believe that as a merging trend, the regulator, together with operators and consumers, should find a middle ground which befits our peculiar situation. To this end we wish to reiterate that we recognise the media as development partners and as such, we need your support in communicating accurate and verified messages to the public.”

He explained that the country is not considering banning OTT video services.

He added, “The reality of today’s telecommunication industry is that consumers are in control. Consumers love innovation, flexibility, efficiency, comfort, and more often than not, low-cost alternatives and will always seek them to enhance their livelihoods.”

Source: Ghana Business

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