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Internet Advertising Will Overtake TV Ads 08 December 2015

Television will fade away as a dominant advertising medium by 2018 with internet becoming the single largest category as per ZenithOptimedia.

TV will continue to account for 38% of all ad-spend in 2015, from a 2012 peak of 39.7%, but that will drop up to 34.8% by 2018. Within internet advertising, mobile advertising will emerge as the leading platform with it overtaking desktop and accounting for 50.2 per cent of all internet advertising. It will be interesting to see how video on demand streaming services contribute to internet advertising.

TV will remain, however, a powerful medium for advertisers, ZenithOptimedia said: “One of the reasons for television’s loss of share is the rapid growth of paid search, which is essentially a direct response channel, while television is the primarily a brand awareness channel – and we expect it to remain so for many years to come.”

Key growth markets are India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Source : Digital TV Europe

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