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Kids Prefer Streaming TV, But Still Choose TV Set Over Phones, Says PwC Report 11 August 2015

PWC Survey Kids


It’s a panicky time in the TV business, particularly when it comes to the prevailing fear among TV executives that young people are never going to watch TV the way that their parents did.

There may be some truth to that, but it’s not as dire as one might think, according to a new study from PwC  on kids’ and teens’ media habits

More than half of 8-to-18 year olds say online video on demand TV shows on the Web are their favorite type of programming, according to the PwC report. But, on average, they are spending 7.8 hours a week watching network TV shows and movies live, more than the 6.1 hours spent streaming shows or movies on a laptop, tablet or phone.

Network TV also outstrips the amount of time they report spending playing video games–7.5 hours a week–or watching short videos on the Web like on YouTube–7.2 hours a week.

A few other facts also hold promise for the major media companies hoping to cater to this next generation of consumers. Most new content is discovered via traditional commercials. And about 79% of respondents said watching network TV shows is one of their top media habits, far more than watching  short Web videos or playing video games.

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