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Kindred launches live streaming player to remold in-play betting experience 29 April 2021

Kindred launches live streaming player


Kindred’s Unibet has launched a new live streaming player, ‘Watch and Bet’ to allow customers to place bets while streaming sports simultaneously with a live odds overlay for the first time. The live sports betting platform is a potential room for growth which is why this launch can provide ‘’a seamless user experience than ever before’’ for the online gambling industry and Unibet. 

Erik Backlund, CPO at Kindred Group stated, ‘’The new streaming player will take the customer experience to a whole new level. Easily explained with three words – Fast, Easy, and Fun. Fast, because it enables our customers to see the action and react to it instantly. Easy, because the design is clever and intuitive. Fun, because this is a whole new way of enjoying the live sports watching and betting experience.”

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