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Live news, live events fueling the growth of live streaming on top of live sports 20 June 2017

According to a survey on online video service providers (OVSPs), live delivery is moving in new areas on the digital front.

According to research from Akamai about 56% of OVSPs stated that their services were focused around live events like award shows and conferences whereas only 15% offered live sports.

Two-thirds of OVSPs were found to offer more than one simultaneous stream and a quarter provide six or more. In addition, 56% of respondents stated that their service delivered six or more events a month, 14% delivered daily events and 18% ran 24×7 or linear channel simulcast services. OVSPs primarily looked at PC and smartphones with their live streaming services.

39% of OVSPs did not make money and provided only non-monetary value. 38% obtained revenue from advertising and sponsorship. Only 23% used subscriptions to monetize their service. 17% banked upon pay-per-view to monetize their live streaming service. Only 9% used targeted dynamic ad insertion. Read More

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