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Live Streaming Can Save Poker 17 November 2015

Live Streaming Poker Service

As per an analysis by PokerScout, a company tracking tracks online-poker traffic, the global poker market is just the half of what it used to be ever since the regulations were brought in. The times are dire for the industry and it is still in the search of a way re-ignite interest that has been reduced to a fringe in the society.

The most recent development in this search has been a very unlikely source : live video streaming service Twitch. Initially, Twitch was targeted on streaming live streaming video games but ever since its acquisition by Amazon, much of its audience has turned towards live poker streaming. And for the record, that’s over a million viewers.

Similarly, Poker Central, a new video streaming service dedicated to televised poker coverage is working on a cable-television network and has begun streaming them on Twitch. Many believe there will be a revolution in the industry similar to what television did decades ago to poker.

Source : New Yorker

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