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Mobile video consumption has doubled since 2014 05 October 2016

Mobile video plays are on the rise, with 51% of videos being played on mobile devices. The mobile play has seen a rise of 15% from an year ago and has doubled in numbers of plays recorded since 2014. In the past year, video plays on smartphone has increased by 10% and on tablet the plays has increased by 50%.

According to a research, short form video, which lasts for up to five minutes, dominates the video play market by 55%. Medium period video that lasts 20 minutes, stands at 18–20% of the viewing and long form videos of over 20 minutes takes up all the time on set-top devices. Currently some 203 million people have access to at least one VOD service and 90% of them are ready to pay extra for some perks.

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Roshan Dwivedi

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