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VOD Ads generate 4.85 Billion in 2016 29 August 2016

Mexico’s Digital Video Market Grows 39% in 2016

According to a recent report by Canoe, ad revenues by video on demand platforms were at 4.85 billion in the quarter 2 of 2016, which is almost double than that of 2.775 billion in the last year. The increase comes as viewers are shifting towards VOD platforms, more interesting content is becoming available and advertisers are taking advantage of dynamic ad insertion, reaching 35 million homes.

The dominant position in VOD ads is mid-roll ads, having 4.18 billion impressions, compared to 569.3 million in pre-roll ads and 100.3 million in post-roll ads. The last year itself had 2.34 billion mid-roll impressions and just like the last year biggest ad impressions this year are also on weekends with 810.2 million on Saturday and 807.1 million on Sundays, having Monday at 666.8 million impressions.

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