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Most millennials spend a little more than $10 on streaming 30 August 2017

As per a new survey from Morning Consult, OTT streaming services proliferation may be burdening young audiences.
Some findings from the survey were:

  • 57% of 18-29 year olds felt that there were too many streaming services.
  • 42% felt that they were paying too much for them.
  • 26% were’nt spending money at all on streaming services
  • Majority subscribed to two or less.
  • Most Americans spend $10 or less on streaming. Millennials spend slightly higher.
    of it as theft.
  • 55% of millennials were okay to subscribe to a streaming service for watching a specific show.
  • 42% complained about the cost.
  • 73% wanted to watch all shows on a single service and don’t want to pay much for it.

Additionally they want things like high quality of experience, on-demand access, trick-play functionality, latest releases, a wide variety of content in the library.

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