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MLB Advances Looks To Stay On Top Of The Streaming Business 01 October 2015

MLB Advanced Media Streaming OTT


Baseball is ahead of the curve when it comes to streaming video. With the Major League Baseball season coming to a close, the league will see 20% to 25% growth in the number of subscribers for its Internet and mobile services, bringing the total to about 3.5 million. Some of them pay up to $129.99 per season for its top-of-the-line service,, which enables users to stream live broadcasts of out-of-market games.

The success of the league-owned entity MLB Advanced Media, which develops and manages the league’s digital products, has drawn the attention of other entertainment content companies, which have hired it to create streaming video apps for them. With HBO, MLB Advanced Media developed the premium cable channel’s video streaming site HBO Now inside of just four months so it would be available — and reliable enough — to handle the heavy online viewing traffic for the April premiere of “Game of Thrones.”

With more consumers using broadband Internet for TV, Advanced Media’s track record has made it a darling of the tech world. It received onstage recognition during Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook’s presentation of the latest edition of the Apple TV streaming video device.

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