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Music labels launching their own streaming service so artists get a better deal 22 August 2017

Music Streaming

Artists generally get a raw deal when it comes to offering their music on major music streaming services.

Spotify is paying to access a catalogue of more than 30 million songs as per forecasts by the end of the year.

Since independent labels often don’t receive a fair deal when negotiating with music streaming biggies like Spotify and SoundCloud, they are forced to accept the terms that are set upon them.

Major record labels however have more favorable terms for their artists since they are backed by large organizations and are paid based on the share of the catalogue that they represent.
Indy labels are now developing their own streaming service to ensure that their artists get the best exposure in terms of audience and the best deal.

Wales which is minority language independent streaming service launched in March 2016, offers a curated streaming service to its music fans. It runs at a competitive price point, with selective catalogue representing several Welsh labels which leads to recording artists receiving a fairer price than Spotify.

Apton which is a specialist, curated and targeted music service lets consumers to look for music easily and also experience a higher percentage of a label’s catalogue or remain within a niche genre of music.
There is tremendous scope for such niche streaming services to become the default for music listening. Music publishers need to start using streaming as a gateway for consumers so they can engage with music they want to hear, rather than what the platform owners want to sell.

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