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Music Streaming Platform Hungama launches Multilingual Audio Programming 24 January 2019

Hungama Multilingual Music Streaming Platform

Indian online music streaming platform Hungama Music has launched its own ‘original audio programming’ which is more like Radio programs by different RJs.

Though now, this program is streaming a Tamil audio original, it will also include other languages, such as Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Punjabi, and Marathi, afterward. The audio streaming service is expecting to reach more than 30 million audiences.

According to the COO of Hungama Digital Media, Siddhartha Roy, “Over 48% of our audience consumes content in languages besides Hindi. Our audio originals will help us enhance the user experience by offering an enriching catalog of exclusive content, besides a multilingual and multi-genre library of songs and music videos. We plan to launch five to six audio originals in the next 12 months and aim to increase our regional user base by almost 30%.”

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