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Music streaming platform Distro100 goes live 01 November 2018

Music streaming platform TuneGO Inc. unveils Distro100 in China

Music streaming platform, TuneGO Inc. is all set to go live with its streaming platform, Distro100 in China. The audio streaming service allows Chinese musicians to distribute music on streaming platforms in China and around the world. Distro100 also helps artists to keep 100 percent of the royalties minus any upfront or back-end fees.

John Kohl, Co-founder and CEO, quoted, “This is really a game changer for the music industry in China. Distro100 solidifies TuneGO’s commitment to being artist-friendly, providing a path that allows their voices to be heard. With access to streaming distribution services at absolutely no cost we help take the business side of things out of the equation for artists, allowing them to focus on their music while remaining confident that they’re on the right path toward growing their careers.”

The audio-on demand platform will open plethora of opportunities for artists in China to bring their content into the global music community with distribution to all major streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and more.

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