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Netflix Has Stolen YouTube’s Thunder, At Least For Now 24 November 2015

Netflix YouTube

According to a new survey conducted by RBC Capital Markets, about 51% of American internet users admitted to having used Netflix to watch movies or TV shows over the past 12 months. Not to mention that it is an all-time high for the VOD service. This survey posts Netflix right on top of YouTube, Amazon, Hulu and HBO Go.

However, this survey leaves some questions unanswered. For example, YouTube is free and ad-backed and is full of short form content rather than movies or TV shows. Which means they both have different offerings and hence provide different values. Fair comparison?

Original programming has always been Netflix’s Weapon X. This survey reflects that will all honesty. Nearly 52% of survey respondents in France and 64% in Germany claimed to have watched the hit show ‘House of Cards’.


Source : Quartz

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