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Netflix is personalizing its graphic design for viewers 26 December 2017

Netflix is taking its platform personalization to the next level. According to a new post by the company, it customizes the artwork that viewers see for films and shows based on what they have viewed in the past. This means that based on their viewing habits, users will be able to see multiple permutations of a cover for a particular show.

The streaming giant explains that someone who watches a lot of romantic films probably sees covers that show two people in love, while someone who prefers pure comedy might see a zany comedian on the covers of what they watch. Netflix is implementing these design customizations are by configuring sophisticated machine learning algorithms.

The company writes, “Of course, not all the scenarios for personalizing artwork are this clear and obvious. So we don’t enumerate such hand-derived rules but instead, rely on the data to tell us what signals to use. Overall, by personalizing artwork we help each title put its best foot forward for every member and thus improve our member experience.”

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