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Netflix and YouTube dominate Asia in Video Streaming 09 May 2017

Video Streaming Apps Asian Countries

A recent study by ValuePenguin lists the top video streaming apps in Asia. This research is based on Apple App Store’s data that shows the number of downloads and revenue rankings of the most popular streaming apps in 13 Asian regions including India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia, China, Korea and Japan.

Looking at the data released, Netflix and Youtube are the top performing streaming services in almost every country in Asia. Netflix was found to be the highest revenue generating streaming app in 8 out of the 13 geographic regions . In the 5 Asian countries including Taiwan Thailand, China, Korea, Japan; iQiyi, V Live, iQiyi, Pooq and Showroom respectively were the top video streaming providers.

In terms of top ranking apps in terms of download, Youtube was found to be the most downloaded video streaming app in 11 of the 13 countries. Netflix didn’t do well in terms of downloads in most of the Asian countries. In 2 of the 13 countries namely China and Japan; iQiyi and Abema TV ranked highest for the study on download rankings for top video streaming apps by country . In India, Amazon Prime Video outranked Netflix in terms of download. Read More

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