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Nielsen Weaves Measurement In To OTT Video Boxes 18 August 2015

OTT Media Box


If you thought mobile advertising was hard to measure, Nielsen reckons internet TV and OTT video services is much harder – so it aims to integrate its ad measurement systems with box makers at the system level.

“Over-the-top is a really challenging space,” Nielsen product leadership SVP David Wong tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “A year or two ago, people were saying, ‘Mobile is a really challenging space’. In comparison, over-the-top is even worse.

“You’ve got 12 different devices and platforms, all of which use different operating systems, all of which have no standards about how they put advertising out there or content out there. The services getting put on these platforms are growing so quickly that every month there is something new you have to measure.”

Read the entire story here.

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