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OTT expected to grow strongly in Latin America 11 February 2016

The OTT market is expected to shoot up in the next 2 years, nearly double in Mexico, 2.5 times in Brazil and Argentina.

“Premium OTT in Latin America has developed relatively slowly, despite Netflix’s strong presence in the region, but strong local players are now gearing up to grow the OTT market,” explains Jon Watts, Managing Partner at MTM. “There is considerable headroom for growth, especially at lower price points.  While Netflix and other international contenders will have to fill the local content gap, everyone will have to face the challenges of poor broadband infrastructure, driving consumer awareness and take-up, and processing payments.”

Industry experts who participated in the survey were quite optimistic about the future trend in the industry, while mentioning challenges like competing with local players, slow broadband infrastructure, piracy and payment issues.

Source: IPTV news

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