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OTT MVOD Platforms Can Now Transform Video Consumption Data In To Viewer Delight 15 September 2015

OTT Mobile Video On Demand VOD Streaming


Much like companies in the business of online search and social media, companies running OTT mobile video on demand (MVOD) platforms are also data intensive businesses. We sit on a stock pile of data ranging from viewership preferences of subscribers, indicative of the content that is winning their eyeballs, the device types, operating systems and the network that they use to access the content apart from their preferred modes of payment to list out a few.

In this increasingly cluttered mobile video on demand streaming services business, it is a combination of high quality content catering to the user preferences and the leveraging of technology promising an unparalleled viewer experience that makes you win the loyalty of viewers and conterminously, market share.

The biggest insight that viewers have given MVOD platforms like ours is in terms of calibrating the revenue model. “Are Indians willing to pay for video content, which otherwise could be downloaded from a torrent website?” While the hypothesis says ‘No way!’, our experimentation of changing the proportion of free to subscription based content in relation to viewership data has yielded a result that is quite the reverse. Also, payments via carrier billing works better for Indians than payments via credit or debit cards. All in all, the more a business is able to comprehend data and make it work for the benefit of its stakeholders, the more they ‘delight’ the consumer.

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